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About us

Who are we and what do we do?

We from EuroBoxBreaks are doing Group Breaks in many different ways.

Our main Sport is Basketball and Soccer but other Sports like Football or even Non Sports are in our program too.

We want to offer you exclusive Boxes and Group Breaks to great prices without making profit of it. We have been in the Hobby for many years now and we want to keep our Hobby alive here in Europe. We know how hard it is to pay for already expensive Boxes and fees and that's why we are working out deals with many companies to give you the best prices around!

Group Breaks are well known in the United States and we want to make it big in Europe too!

Many Sports Card Collectors live in Europe and many want to join Group Breaks.But what to do when the Host of the Group Breaks are not shipping to Europe? And if he does, how long will it take until you receive your Cards? Do i have to pay custom fees? That's why we are there! 

We offer you fast and secure Shipping without having to pay any custom fees. Our goal is to give collectors the best possible pricing and service around! And of course people from outside of Europe are welcome too!

We bring the Sports Cards Community together. Feel free to join our Live Shows and have Fun with us!



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